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FT-K01 Fuel Tester


The DT-47FT is no longer available, but Digatron has developed a new dielectric fuel tester.  Check it out!




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FT-K01 Fuel Tester

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FT-K01 production terminated by Kavlico:  Because of a corporate acquisition of Kavlico Corp. a decision was made by the new owner to terminate production of the FT-K01 Fuel Tester.  As a result, new units are no longer being manufactured and existing inventory of completed units have been sold.  However, our trade-in /buy-back programs will  from-time-time to offer reconditioned FT-K01s on a limited availability basis.  Our reconditioned units carry a one (1) year warranty, the same as a new unit.

Produced specifically for motorsport organizations to certify that the fuel used in their racing events meets the requirements specified in the rules, Kavlico’s FT-K01 Fuel Tester is also valuable to the engine builder and racer to verify that the fuel they use in the dyno room for engine development is exactly the same as the fuel they use at the track.  


    -          Accurately measures the relative dielectric constant of gasoline

    -          Provides  stable and repeatable readings  

    -     Laboratory precision in a rugged field instrument

    -          Digital display with two decimal place resolution

    -     Housed in a billet aluminum case

    -          High quality electronic circuitry with patented dielectric sensor

    -     Already in use by several major racing associations to certify fuel used in competition

    -    Specifications:

              1.  Power Supply:  Two 9 volt alkaline batteries, 150 hours (approx.) life.

              2.  Accuracy:  0.05 (0.25%)

              3.  Resolution:  0.01

              4.  Repeatability:  0.02

              5.  Temperature Sensitivity:  100ppm/oC (55ppm/oF)

              6.  Operating Temperature:  0-65oC (32-150oF)

              7.  Weight:  1.6 lbs approx.

The effectiveness and ease of use of the FT-K01 will be enhanced when used in conjunction with the Fuel Test Stand,  PFTS Gasoline Certification Kit, Spec. Gas Certification Kit, or Gasoline Test Kit, depending on your individual application.  These kits will more than make up their cost in time saved in locating exactly the right products and providing easy-to-follow instructions to do the job right, the first time.  Contact PFTS for advice on which system best meets your needs.  Click here to see Gasoline Kits.


FT-K01 FUEL TESTER (reconditioned):

$699.00* EA.
FUEL TEST STAND: Conveniently and securely holds two 150ml beakers.  Prevents fuel spills while testing.  Rugged, fuel proof construction.   $49.95 EA.



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